About Me

I found that combinations of treatment not only relieves, but often ameliorates the pain, and in some patients complete relief of symptoms may occur. These treatments may include different types of electric current and acupuncture when combined or not with the conventional physio-therapy care of mobilization, massage, exercise and rehabilitation.

Last, but not least important, is helping patients to manage their pain by changing their mental image of their situation, providing pain education (i.e. "why is there pain when nil shows on the x-rays or tests?") and teaching activities that improve their coping skills.

It has been important to learn and incorporate ground breaking technologies and the latest research in international pain management into the above approach to treatment and I feel privileged to share this information with you.

The modern concept of physiotherapy is holistic in that it includes patient involvement - providing self management and empowerment strategies enabling control of their own pain situation. I am a proponent of blocking pain with electric currents and acupuncture, relieving anxiety, providing neuroscience pain education, recognising and releasing past emotions and increasing pain-free movements with exercise, especially exercise that is enjoyable and this improves compliance and persistence. In fact, exercise therapy is encouraged instead of promoting prolonged rest. This strengthens the muscles and stretches the joints, and most importantly improves circulation and oxygenation to injured regions, reduces the reliance on physiotherapy treatments required, prevents an acute problem from becoming chronic and ultimately affects and improves the quality of your life.

For many years, I have focused my attention on the brain and its complex chemical interactions and electric circuitry. I have investigated certain electric currents that affect the brain and that have been found to increase pain-relieving substances and reduce inflammation in the body. More recently it has been discovered that other recently developed electrical currents can profoundly change nerve conduction in the central (spinal) and peripheral nervous system. This will change gene expression at the dorsal root ganglion and therefore in the spinal cord that may completely ameliorate the pain, even in severely painful conditions and improves nerve conduction when nerve damage has occurred.

I have published articles in medical journals, both locally and internationally, on other types of electric currents that are applied to the body, such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Panag, a high-frequency device, sub-liminal microstimulation and modified direct currents.

I also recognise that often the patient does not always understand the importance of their state of mind, desires, beliefs and expectations in pain management. I believe that starting this journey by learning to combine different treatments and tapping into the body’s inherent knowledge and ability to heal itself will bring many more patients to a destination of pain relief and control.