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In-depth Patient Assessment for Clinicians

In-depth Patient Assessment for Clinicians

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22 page PDF download

This module explains a method of assessment by clinicians that will assist in:

Helping the patient -

  • Understanding the patient and learning about their pain.
  • Communication that improves patient-clinician relationships that engenders trust, belief in the treatment and encourages compliance.

Helping the clinician by:

  • Sharing experience of knowledge and treatment of pain management in many different conditions.
  • Helps to achieve greater and faster relief for patients.
  • Provides assessment tools and downloads to make the assessment process easier and clearer to the clinician.
  • It enables the correct decision-making process by the clinician on treatment protocols.
  • The mechanisms involved in the condition/s – is it nociceptive, neurogenic, neuropathic or other?
  • Author’s explanatory notes are provided in each area.
  • It demonstrates the availability of the different electrical treatments that will benefit the patient and their condition/s.
  • Most clinicians do not realise the full potential of electrical technologies.
  • Speedy pain relief and mobility enables the clinician to achieve goals in rehabilitation and improves patient quality of life.
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