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Non Interventional Pulsed Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Therapy

Non Interventional Pulsed Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Therapy

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I WAS INTRODUCED TO A NEURAL TISSUE STIMULATION DEVICE IN 2009 and this was the first device that could target a specific nerve, via a non-interventional approach. The current, known as Stimpod, could travel from the targeted nerve to the central spine. This was due to the pulsed radio frequency that produced a magnetic field. The Stimpod produced similar effects to the interventional pulsed radio frequency that anesthetists and radiologists specialising in pain management, were providing to patients that they were treating for severe pain conditions that had not responded to the usual accepted practice.

I then investigated the application and value of Stimpod. When patients experienced immediate and lasting results in pain and mobility even in the most recalcitrant conditions – I decided to do research on this subject and published studies on many groups of patients with varying conditions.

I then felt it was necessary to share this information with many different clinicians who treated musculoskeletal and nerve related conditions. I created a module to encourage understanding and use of this device that will be referred to as non-Interventional pulsed radiofrequency magnetic field therapy – NI-PRF.

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