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The Electrical Anti-inflammatory: Modified Microcurrent Therapy

The Electrical Anti-inflammatory: Modified Microcurrent Therapy

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The module on the E-Book aims to educate and explain best practice and application of these devices that have a similar frequency, pulse width and capacity to increase intensity.

This electrical current was developed in the form of APS therapy in 1984 in South Africa, but there are many other multi-modal, microcurrent devices that clinicians might have, that will relieve the following symptoms:

  • relieve pain
  • improve mobility
  • reduce inflammation and swelling
  • increase circulation
  • relax muscle spasm
  • have general effects on the body
  • and improve the psyche (mood - due to increase of melatonin, the precursor of serotonin)

Most clinicians do not realise the full potential of electrical technologies.

The correctly developed electrical currents have a profound effect on the body with the ability of clinicians to expedite pain relief, mobility and recovery in the rehabilitation process that influences the patients quality of life.

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